I am such a spiritual washout! I know of no-one who has done more than I have to discredit the cause of truth. In fact I must rank as the epitome of degradation. Why, I have never even done one thing that is praiseworthy or noteworthy. How can I believe that there is hope for someone like me? How can I hope that God can show me mercy?

'Whenever we come to the throne of God to ask His mercy, we may look up, and behold the rainbow of promise, and find in it assurance that our prayers shall be answered.' (ST 10-10-92)
'It was love for sinners that led Christ to pay the price of redemption.' (PK692)
'Those whose course has been most offensive to Him He freely accepts; when they repent, He imparts to them His divine Spirit, places them in the highest positions of trust, and sends them forth into the camp of the disloyal to proclaim His boundless mercy.' (LHU 220)
'Christ teaches that even those who are indifferent to the claims of God are the objects of His pitying love. Every soul, however degraded by sin, is in God's sight accounted precious.' (COL 194)
'The chain that has been let down from the throne of God is long enough to reach to the lowest depths. Christ is able to lift the most sinful out of the pit of degradation, and to place them where they will be acknowledged as children of God, heirs with Christ to an immortal inheritance.' (7T 229)

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