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In Search Of Love
Justice & Mercy Kiss
A Satisfied Law
A World Redeemed
A Complete Saviour
Rising By Falling
Rest For All
Our Advocate & Friend
The God Of Make-Believe
A Gift Hard To Receive
The Faith That Saves
Attitudes In Conflict
The Living Dead
A Brand New Family Tree
God The Great Motivator
The Works Of The Saved
The Nature Of Sin
New Hearts For Old
Righteousness is not passively refraining from doing what is wrong, righteousness is right doing. It is an active principle that drives the heart to move the hand to do whatever can be done to make our world a better place to live in - for all of God's creatures.
There are at least three certainties to life - the first certainty is that you were born, the second certainty is as absolute as the first, and that is that you can live forever. Some claim that death is a certainty - but this is not so. Scripture assures us that some people never died, and it is equally certain about the fact that many others will never die.
So what can I do to ensure that I live forever? This question leads us to our third certainty, which is this: Those who do not know the answer to this question will ask it with increased urgency as they grow older until, finally, on their death bed, this question will become all consuming.
This document explains how you can live forever – and it is all good news.
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