'If there is not another soul in the universe that regards you, the Lord God of Israel is looking upon you with thoughts of compassion, tenderness, and sympathy. You have the deepest, the richest, the most refreshing sympathy in the bosom of the Great Shepherd.' (TMK53)

'Not all that this world bestows can heal a broken heart or impart peace of mind or remove care or banish disease. Fame, genius, talent--all are powerless to gladden the sorrowful heart or to restore the wasted life . . . The life of God in the soul is man's only hope.' (CH29)
'If no human heart is aroused to sympathy for us, we need not feel that we are without sympathy.' (SD51)
'Do you think that He who died for you, cares not whether you are saved or not? Do you imagine that He cares not for the bereaved, the mourning ones, that He looks not with pity on the poor in spirit, who are under the bondage of Satan?' (ST05-30-92.5)
'Christ's love for His children is as tender as it is strong. And it is stronger than death; for He died to purchase our salvation, and to make us one with Him, mystically and eternally one.
So strong is His love that it controls all His powers, and employs the vast resources of heaven in doing His people good. It is without variableness or shadow of turning - the same yesterday, today, and forever. Although sin has existed for ages, trying to counteract this love and obstruct its flowing earthward, God's love still flows in rich currents to those for whom Christ died.' (TM519)
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