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The Secret Place Of The Most High
Blessings for the Secret Place Dweller
Transforming Knowledge
The God We Are to Know - Part 1
The God We Are to Know - Part 2
Incredibly Amazing News Indeed
Infinite Grace
The Fruit of Infinite Love
Most of us go through life looking for something. Sometimes we are not even quite sure what it is that we are looking for, yet we have this instinctive, nagging awareness that something is missing.
This was my own experience for over three decades. Then I was introduced to “The Secret Place” and I finally discovered what it was that I had so long been searching for. Though my search still continues today, I now know exactly what it is that I am searching for – and it has become a thrilling search indeed.
It is my humble prayer that the information in this book will prove a blessing to you and to yours.
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