My self-image is lower than the lowest.
I can't even love myself, let alone love God and my fellow men. If I can't even love myself, how can I possibly entertain the thought that God can love me?

'Nothing is apparently more helpless, yet really more invincible, than the soul that feels its nothingness and relies wholly on the merits of the Saviour. God would send every angel in heaven to the aid of such a one, rather than allow him to be overcome.' (7T17)
'One soul is of such value that, in comparison with it, world's sink into insignificance.' (DA578)
'Our Redeemer has opened the way so that the most sinful, the most needy, the most oppressed and despised, may find access to the Father. All may have a home in the mansions which Jesus has gone to prepare.' (DA113)
'He who is in living connection with God may be in humble stations, yet his moral worth is as precious as was that of Joseph and Daniel.' (1BC1097/8)
'Banish no longer your self-respect; for I have bought you with the price of My own blood. You are Mine. Your weakened will I will strengthen. Your remorse for sin I will remove.' (TM520)
'You may recover yourself from the snare of the enemy. You may regain your self-respect. You may stand where you regard yourself, not as a failure, but as a conqueror, in and through the uplifting influence of the Spirit of God. Take hold of the hand of Christ, and do not let it go.' (MM43)

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