Sometimes you may hear a little voice somewhere in the recesses of your mind telling you that you are worthless, that nobody cares about you and, perhaps, that even God does not care about you.

The following are just some of the suggestions that may crop up in the minds of those who have a poor self image. In every case, God has a more than encouraging answer for you.
In each case, after you have considered God's Answer, use the BACK KEY on your browser to return to this page.
If you are plagued with negative thoughts, your mind needs to be reinforced with life-imparting truth, and you need to be reassured that you are an heir of the universe and a child of the King. Spend a little time each day getting to know your Maker and He will soon change the way you think about yourself - there is no other way.
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1 I am an outcast of society on earth. How can I hope to be accepted into the society of heaven? God's answer.
2 Nobody in this world cares about me. Is that not proof enough that God does not care about me? God’s answer.
3 I have so many objectionable traits in my character. How can I entertain the thought that God will accept a wretch like me? God’s answer.
4 My faith is so weak. How can I possibly entertain the hope that my pathetic faith can save me? God’s answer.
5 I have made so many mistakes, and I still make unforgiveable mistakes on a regular basis. How can I imagine that God will forgive an erring fool like me? God’s answer.
6 I am such a spiritual washout! I know of no-one who has done more than I have to discredit the cause of truth. In fact I must rank as the epitome of degradation. Why, I have never even done one thing that is praiseworthy or noteworthy. How can I believe that there is hope for someone like me? How can I hope that God can show mercy to me? God’s answer.
7 I guess I am quite justified in being discouraged. My situation must surely suggest that God is indifferent to my plight. Would God permit such trials and unhappiness to come upon someone whom He loves? God’s answer.
8 I am such a despicable sinner. There is no way that God can forgive me for the things that I have done. Just look at the lives I have destroyed. Just look at the hurt and the heartache that I have caused others to suffer. God’s answer.
9 How can I even think of responding to Jesus' call - "come unto Me." I am in no fit condition to approach the holy Son of God. How dare I pray to God with these filthy lips of mine? God’s answer.
10 I am so useless and inefficient, not just at some things, but at everything. How can I believe that God can ever use me in His vineyard? God’s answer.
11 Considering my past, and considering the fact that I have been backsliding ever since I first heard the good news, I really must be a fool to think that there is hope for someone like me. God’s answer.
12 In the light of my corrupt mind, do I seriously believe that God can bless me? God’s answer.
13 My self-image is lower than the lowest. I can't even love myself, let alone love God and my fellow men. If I can't even love myself, how can I possibly entertain the thought that God can love me? God's Answer.
14 Nothing is going right in my life. Everything seems to be crumbling around me. Surely this must mean that God has withdrawn His blessing from me? God’s answer.
15 Surely I am justified in being fearful. With a flimsy faith like mine, why should God protect me and my loved ones? God’s answer.
16 God is a very busy God. I am sure He has far more important matters to deal with than me and my insignificant little hopes and dreams. God’s answer.
17 How can one with my track record entertain the hope that I will one day do a great work for God? My past will surely blacken everything that I put my hand to? God’s answer.
18 God's standard is so high and so holy. Some people may reach that standard, but it is a joke for a fickle, disgraced sinner like me to think that I will ever reach that standard? God’s answer.
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