Nobody in this world cares about me.
Is that not proof enough that God does not care about me?

'If no human heart is aroused to sympathy for us, we need not feel that we are without sympathy.' (SD 51)
'If there is not another soul in the universe that regards you, the Lord God of Israel is looking upon you with thoughts of compassion, tenderness, and sympathy. He sees you with your strong impulses when fainthearted and discouraged . . . You have the deepest, the richest, the most refreshing sympathy in the bosom of the Great Shepherd.' (TMK53)
'Do you think that He who died for you, cares not whether you are saved or not? Do you imagine that He cares not for the bereaved, the mourning ones, that He looks not with pity on the poor in spirit, who are under the bondage of Satan?' (ST 05-30-92.5)

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